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The Wild Ones: Story Master Post

Title: The Wild Ones
Author: katzenspn
Artist: dollarformyname
Rating: PG-13 for canon-typical violence and the words we all know they'd be using without CW censors.
Warnings: Violence, language, drug use, cigarette use, temporary character death.
Word count: 57,423
Summary: Castiel Novak, runaway, manages to find the wrong guy to pickpocket: a rogue angel of the Lord. The angel tells him that he can keep the world from ending, but only if he is willing to return to the family he ran away from and face off against angels and demons, including his angel's own righteously pissed off older brother.

Castiel can believe in angels, demons, Heaven and Hell, the Apocalypse and everything in between. But believing that someone like him could have a hand in saving the world...that's harder.


I have been so incredibly lucky with this story. First, I had the pleasure of working with steeplechasers as my beta. She whipped this story into shape and held my hand through five revisions. You have her to thank for not having an absolute hot mess to read here. deansamcas, as always, was my second pair of eyes and cheerleader, and was so willing to talk through the story with me. Both of them have amazing work that you should go read like yesterday. Any remaining mistakes, weirdness, or logical inconsistencies are all mine.

Then came claims time and I was blown away by getting the opportunity to work with dollarformyname as my artist. She was so patient with me and all of my emails, because I sent a million, because I was so excited to work with her. Her work is truly incredible and I can only hope that my writing lives up to her art.

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Tags: spn gen big bang, the wild ones

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